• Steam Yacht “Schaarhörn”
  • Yacht “Palladium”
  • Cruise Vessel “Queen Elizabeth II”
  • Cruise Vessel “Europa”
  • SAR Cutter “Theodor Heuss”
  • Cruise Vessel “Queen Victoria”
  • Supply Boat “Pacific Wizard”
  • Ferry “Norroena”
  • Coast Guard “Neuwerk”
  • Yacht “Nahlin”
  • Paddle Steamer “Great Eastern”
  • Pilot Swath “Elbe”
  • Ferry “Color Magic”
  • LNG Carrier “Arctic Princess”
  • Heavy-Lift “Anne-Sofie”
  • General Cargo “Cap San Diego”
  • Cruise Vessel “Bremen”

Welcome to Calamba Model Makers Inc.

Calamba Model Makers, Inc. (CMMI) is German-Filipino joint venture and was founded in 1989. CMMI produces pewter cast models in international scales 1:1,250, 1:700, 1:400, 1:220 and 1:160 up to a length of ca. 30 cm and a width of ca. 5 cm in waterline (WL) and in full hull (FH). Except for collectors (WL models) our models are placed in a glass housing (V) without frames on a natural or mahogany coloured wooden base. – According our experience it’s not advisable to produce a model whilst the ship is still under construction, because there are too many changes till the final delivery.